Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Following a chat with my wife who works in the the learning difficulties team at Bradford LEA we decided to host a teach meet with a SEN/Inclusion theme. I went through the organisation process, including discussions with @lordlangley73, @pederosa and @idletim from the Bradford Curriculum ICT team with regard to the wiki, sponsorship and tech side of things. The difference with this teachmeet to others I've attended was the promotion through the council website and the discussions with Learning Difficulties team which resulted in many teachmeet first timers attending.We quickly racked up 70 plus attendees with only a small percentage being from the local twitterati. The teachmeet had a studious feel about it with very few tweets and certain lack of banter, however each and every presenter was welcomed and supported whole heartedly. Hopefully some of the newbies will continue to attend teachmeets and share their innovative practice. Bradford has a few more planned in the near future - keep an eye out. I truly believe in teachmeets as a fantastic way to network, share ideas and learn lots of new ones, what can be better than a teacher telling another teacher what works in their classroom! I am not going to describe the superb presentation as I can't add more than what @idletim and @brynll have done in their blogs 



I just wanted to share my brief thoughts on the organisation of a teachmeet and the widening of the audience at teachmeets - which can only be a good thing to boost moral and bring innovative practice to our maligned profession at the moment! I will post the video taken of the presentations -ENJOY!

Teachmeet Bradford SEN from Innovation centres on Vimeo.

Once again a huge thanks to our sponsors on the evening @airedalearchs @AspectBuilding @tes_SEN @educationcity

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