Saturday, 9 February 2013

Update on our tech journey

When embarking on an update to your tech kit in school and thus the engagement and enhancement of learning in your school - DON'T FORGET security - we did and word soon spread we a lot of new kit in school - 3 break ins in quick succession resulted in the loss of 45 laptops. Now its not the loss of kit that annoys me, its the loss of data, the time spent re building 45 laptops and  the time in school without kit.

The laptop trolleys we had looked solid enough, big, chunky (although that was another issue for some staff who couldn't get the trolleys through doors) the doors were 20 mm thick laminate wood and the locking system looked secure enough with solid steel bars slotting into place when the mechanism was activated. But the whole mechanism was held in place with 10 mm wood screws which ripped out when pressure was applied.

It also turned out that the school alarm system was inadequate, with blind spots and easy access. The CCTV showed the thieves looking in through the windows planning their route, they spent an hour removing the external pane of glass without triggering the alarm!


In some respects we were lucky that we were having an internal remodeling this summer which enabled us to build a safe, windowless room, with secure door, keypad access during the day, and deadbolts at night.

A whole new alarm was installed including movement sensors in and around the safe room.

New metal trolleys with secure locks,

New security policy for staff including, who has keys, where keys are kept, where equipment is kept and a signing in and out policy.

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