Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This week saw Bradford's 3rd teach meet in 9 months - all of which have had 50-70 enthusiastic lurkers and a number of newbie presenters along with the usual crew. It was pleasing to see #tmsenbradford newbies sign up and attend #tmletsgettalking. @bryanpharrison at Miriam Lord was kind enough to host the event - Thanks Bryan. If you want to see an superb library environment go see Bryan it was lovely and really inspiring place for children to develop into life long readers.
@lordlangley73, @Chrismayoh and myself had tweeted over the previous weekend regarding the development of Teachmeets as a vehicle to support and provide excellent CPD. I was asked if I'd prep a second presentation but pleasingly  we had enough new speakers that it wasn't needed (Bryan apologised to me that we'd run out off time but qualified it with he was sick of hearing me speak) Now we do like a bit of banter in Bradford but I was really really really pleased that newbies stepped up and presented. Teachmeets will only flourish as superb CPD if teachers step up and share good practice. It would be extremely boring if same people speak each time. So newbies please step up, get involved  we 'd love to hear what's going on in your classroom. I won't name them but a certain group of teachers from east Bradford who have attended 2 teachmeets hinted at the next TM that they ought to present - your twitter names are logged I'll be suggesting in friendly manner that you step up. Roll on teachmeets in Bradford - a superb networking CPD opportunity . Thanks also goes to #BradfordICT for their continued support at all the Bradford Teachmeets.


@Bryanpharrison discussed Building Learning Power something I want to find a great deal more about, the crux of BLP seems to be talking to the children and expecting them to discuss, question to improve their learning. BLP is about giving children life skills about resilience, determination and independence.

@idletim discussed taptorap and morpho apps on the iPad - 2 great apps to get children talking

@Lordlangley73 discussed 'Coopers' a household online shopping company who sell obscure objects. He then encourages the children to design an advert to sell the product and then podcast their work.

Sue from Westminster Primary discussed talking in the home and now makes a point of meeting parents in the playground before school to greet parents. They use this to model talk to both parents and children.

Caron from Howarth Primary showcased text homework - giving the children a discussion topic to discus with their parents and then report back the outcomes of their discussion

Both Sue and Caron made the point that TALK at home is important to develop talk in the home environment.

@ejf23 discussed her work using Lego with yr2 in maths. She used talk significantly to ensure the children explained their mathematical understanding for further info see her blog site

Overall another successful TM in Bradford - lets keep it up - Keep Talking

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